Jon with his Sisters


Dan and Leanne

Leanne Ingram’s son, Jonathan Satter, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 ½ years old. He is the youngest of 3 children. About a year after his diagnosis, Leanne found herself to be a single Mom. The next several years were a struggle having to find the right resources to assist the family to deal with Jonathan’s public tantrums, self-injurious behaviors (head banging), screaming, and elopement (running out of the house and parked cars into streets). Most incidents took place due to Jonathan’s not being able to pursue his personal desire to seek out preferred items such as food, especially candy. The incidents happened so often and escalated as Jonathan grew older and stronger. This took its toll on the entire family.  Leanne, feeling utter defeat, sought out services such as a group home where Jonathan could get the 24/7 services he badly needed, as well as to put some sanity back into their lives. It has always been the family’s goal to not pass on all the responsibility of Jonathan’s 24/7 care onto his sisters.

In 2010, Leanne and Dan, who were childhood sweethearts, reconnected and were married. puzzle unityThis reconnection came at a very pivotal time for Leanne, she states “Dan gave me hope and has always been there for Jonathan, Jonathan’s sisters and most of all me.” Since the age of 9, Jonathan has been in/out of group homes in Florida, New York and Nevada. Jonathan is now 18 years old. Dan states “we have seen the goods and unfortunately the bads that come with having a child with disabilities in a group home.”

Now settled in Northern Nevada, Dan and Leanne wish to bring hope to families who are seeking other means to care for their adult child with disabilities.  As the child gets older, so too does the parents. Unfortunately, there are times when an individual with disabilities loses the primary caretaker in their lives and is unwittingly put into the system without any true advocacy.  We would like to bring peace to family’s by offering a family lifestyle with us at High Desert Care Corp.