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In order for an individual to be referred to 24/7 living arrangements, the family must first be in the state of Nevada’s Sierra Regional Care (SRC) or Rural Regional Care (RRC) systems and provided a Case Manager. The Case Manager will assist the Guardian in applying for SSI (Social Security Income) and Medicaid for the family member, if they do not already have it. The Case Manager and the family will determine what level of services the individual needs, such as a group home. The individual will then be placed on a “waitlist” until an opening at a home presents itself.

Once an individual is at the top of the waitlist, the SRC/RRC Case Manager will identify available homes and discuss with the Guardian to interview the Group Home organization and visit their available home. The team (Guardian/Individual, Case Manager, and Group Home representative) will evaluate if the particular home is a good fit; however, the Guardian is the final decision maker. Things that the SRC/RRC Case Manager and Guardian look for is whether the home is a good “fit” with fellow housemates based on age range, compatibility, and individual needs. Additionally, all group homes will be approved by SRC/RRC inspectors ensuring that the house meets ADA compliance and state regulations.